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Business Tips – People think differently in the Summer

You could probably divide summer into 2 sections – 4th of July and Back to School. Some businesses specifically target those shopping months because they sell goods and services that relate to them. But almost every business should consider a summer focus.

Think of what you sell and find a way to adjust your products and services to July and August. Restaurants can vary a menu. Car dealers might discuss the comfort of an SUV on a long holiday trip. And then there’s the kids! Parents lives are turned upside down driving their kids to all sorts of events. What would those parents and kids buy from you? What would parents buy when the kids are gone (Home reno, vacation)?

Back to School has always been about supplies and clothes. But now it’s also about smartphones and laptops. Homework has moved online for many schools. That need has to be met with something reliable (but doesn’t play games well). Back to School also means high school football. What do you sell that might be a quick pickup by players and fans. Maybe this is a time for the photo store to remind people smartphones are not the only things that take pictures and video at the game.

And how about your store and ads? Do they have a summer flavor? Consumers expect something different in the summer. A fresher store may mean more purchases. A summer-flavored ad might elicit better response.

Think summer. Your customers are.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist