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Business Tips – How to stay in business.

I go places because I like the people there. I shop at certain stores because of the way they serve me. I like to ask questions. For example, if I am buying clothing I usually let the sales person tell me what to buy. I have no fashion sense. They do. When I go to the hardware store I identify myself as useless and ask them the best way to do something. Call it hardware for dummies.

My point is that a local business needs to cultivate relationships to stay in business. So many people shop online because it’s convenient and also because they may not find good relationships when they shop locally. Stores and service businesses have to remember they are servicing the customer, not selling the product. Customers can get almost anything somewhere else, cheaper. Relationship, relationship, relationship.

Once you build a relationship with a customer, suggest other things they could purchase that would make their life easier or better. As the pie for local physical shopping shrinks, local businesses need to generate more revenue per visitor. Relationships can get you there so long as they are honest and focused on the customer. And remember, the relationship is only as good as your weakest employee. Train and pay. A decent wage can get you a better employee, capable of building those critical relationships.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist